RAGBRAI 2003 Lacona, Iowa
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Wednesday, July 23 Route
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Here are pictures of some of the memorable sights from RAGBRAI'S Lacona stop.

Bankers Trust brought a money machine to Lacona.


Pierschbacher Funeral Home. (Lacona)

Not everything was fun and games. The local funeral home is right in the middle of RAGBRAI center. Unfortunately, a local citizen past away the day before RAGBRAI'S visit and visitation was set for 1:00 on July 23. Vehicles and activities were cleared to facilitate local friends to visit and prepare for the family at 6:00 pm. Where else but a small town can everything be worked out and handled without a major problem. Many of those paying their respects to the deceased were very involved in the activities. 

It's been great! So long and Thanks!!!

This is our third RAGBRAI in Lacona.
Please come again!  We love RAGBRAI. The riders are   greattttt !!

Did You Know?

One of two official bike repair shops that were in Lacona.

With 10.000 plus riders, bicycle breakdowns and tire/rim problems occur frequently. This is one of the official repair contractors that accompany the ride to provide assistance. The location was in the middle of HWY G76 at town center.

A favorite attraction.
This porta-john location was one of several set up around Lacona.

Lacona Town Center

This is Ragbrai central in Lacona.
Food, Water, Restrooms, Bike Repair, City Park for shade, Beer and First Aid. It was like this for several hours.

Gorden Farms
Home of outstanding German Shepherds/APHA Paint Horses
Judy & Lew Gorden