RAGBRAI 2003 Lacona, Iowa
Wednesday, July 23 Route
Wednesday, July 23 Route
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It's Wednesday, the longest riding section of RAGBRAI to this point, and a very hilly section as well. A saving grace is that a cool front has moved in and makes the temperature and humidity very pleasant.

This is what the riders see as they roll down the big hill west of Lacona.

 You can't miss this welcome sign and mural as you enter Lacona from the west. Several riders thought this was special for RAGBRAI. Let's not tell them that a local church group placed this welcome mural on the side of their building 4 years ago.

The riders we talked to as they departed Lacona were impressed with the hospitality shown by the local residents. They also liked the food and refreshments. (note- The #1. #5 and #10 pies rated by the register pie eating team were from Melcher, Lacona and Attica). All these laocations were on this leg of the ride and within 18 miles of each other. Great pie baking country!   

Route Wednesday July 23, 2003

The map, hopefully, gives you an idea of where Lacona is in relationship to the days overall ride distance. 

Law Enforcement

Warren County Sheriff and Deputy.

Lacona has no police officers. Warren County sent one of their new cars, Sheriff and a Deputy to patrol the streets.

Cultural Activities

Father Felix provided some of our cultural activities.

Father Felix who serves the parrish, provided some of the music and ethnic dance as the riders took a break and enjoyed some Lacona hospitality. Father is also very accomplished on other drums and plays frequently in Lacona.

OVER HEARD many times.  You sure have a lot of hills down here!

Gorden Farms
Home of outstanding German Shepherds/APHA Paint Horses
Judy & Lew Gorden