RAGBRAI 2003 Lacona, Iowa
Wednesday, July 23 Route
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RAGBRAI is Backkkkkkkkk

180th Ave./hwy G76 (4 miles west of Lacona)
Gorden Farms is 2.5 miles south of the intersection.

Wednesday July 23, 2003 was looked forward to with great  expectation of the fun associated with seeing and meeting some of the 10,000+ riders, that would make their way through the Lacona area.
Business owners, local civic and booster clubs looked for a profitable day filling the needs of the riders, their support people and all the local residents that would be attending the Registers Annual Great Bicycle Ride Across Iowa. (RAGBRAI)

Phyllis and Delbert Ripperger volunteered to be lookouts for the first riders arriving from Osceola wednesday morning. They put out the warning that riders were going by their home at 6:00 am. ( these riders must really start early to ride 26  hilly miles by 6:00am)

With the knowledge that riders, observers and service providers all have different agenda's for doing what they do, we have attempted to give you a flavor of what RAGBRAI in Lacona consisted of and the celebration atmosphere that prevailed!  ENJOY!!

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Gorden Farms
Home of outstanding German Shepherds/APHA Paint Horses
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