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2004 Litter
Pups Developement - 2003
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Crystal delivered 9 great looking pups.

Brenden stayed overnight day 2 and tried out the (KNOWING CHAIR).
Before long he was right down in the pool with the pups and Crystal. They have become best buddies. (our goal has always been well socialized laid back companions, that can be a part of your family)
The pups first vet visit was at three days and they had their heart and lung check-up along with removal of the dew claws. The pups weighed in at 1.0lbs. to 1lb 4 oz.!

Meet a pup from Crystal's first litter. (2003)

Male pup from Crystals 2003 litter.
Gucci is a growing boy at 9 months and 86.7 lbs.

Socialization starts early
Brenden with pups and Crystal day 2

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Pups at week three
Single file please.

Gucci likes his toys. His Des Moines family feel's they have a very faithful companion and love to spoil Gucci. This is what it's all about!!!

Gucci and his toy.

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Judy and Lew